Presenting Street Lite

Geographers’ A-Z Map Company is proud to present a new map dataset with full coverage of Great Britain. Utilising our decades of experience in cartography and GIS development we are offering this high-resolution and information-rich database where careful consideration has been taken to ensure readability and clarity.

Street Lite will be familiar to users of our maps as it contains a comparable colour scheme, comprehensive labelling of streets, road sizes are based on their classifications and extensive information on buildings and points of interest.


*Price displayed is for the provision of data only. Additional fees may apply dependant on delivery of data and licence usage.

Contact us for more information about Street Lite.


Technical Details

Tile Size (Km2) 5 x 5
Tile Size 5000, 5000 pixels
Nominal scale  1:10,000 (6.336 inches per mile)
Projection British National Grid (EPSG 27700)

The files have a consistent colours palette optimised to balance file size and clarity.

Contact us for more information about Street Lite or find out pricing

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