A-Z Maps entry to ICC 2017 Washington D.C.

Sevenoaks, UK 04/07/2017

Geographers’ A-Z Map Company has entered three maps for the exhibit with the British Cartographic Society at the 28th International Cartographic Conference of the International Cartographic Association in Washington D.C (ICC2017).

The ICC2017 showcases the recent cartographic advancements and achievements from Member Countries and Affiliate Members. As part of this event, we have entered 3 maps including:

Extract of the Union Flag over 1938 London

“Union Jack Flies over London 1938 and 2016”, a pair of maps that came about due to the 80th anniversary of Geographers’ A-Z Map Company in 2016 and the iconic cartographic design it created.

AZ Map of…“, An interactive map designed to help children learn where the major cities and towns of the UK are located.

“The flow of London”, a wall map presenting the significance of the rivers, its waterways, and the city’s remaining docklands.


We hope you enjoy the event and see our maps at the British Cartographic Society exhibit. Go to ICC2017DC  to follow the conversation.

Extract of The flow of London

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